Content! Content! Content! The Key to Sales on your Site

Anyone who is familiar with websites nowadays has heard the phrase “Content is everything”  It is drilled into us from every article, every study course, every advertisement for SEO services, and every web guru out there today.  The big question is “Why is content so important?”  The reason is simple: Content Sells!  How you ask?  My friends let me count the ways.
Building relationships with your customers

In today’s fast paced, microwave society, we must not forget that the key to a successful business is still building relationships with those you want to sell your product to.  The advent of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and a host of others has made accomplishing that task on a global scale much easier.  When new people find your site you have just one chance to make a lasting first impression on them.  That impression will come from the content of your website.  For that reason, you can not simply fill your site up with a lot of sales copy and expect the dough to come rolling in.  Good content, information, and even services (free of course) will:

  • Increase your chances of selling your products and services
  • Start a conversation with your customer that builds a lasting connection and loyalty
  • Give your customers a resource for solving their problems
  • Increase the awareness of a particular area important to the customer
  • Position you in your customer’s mind as the guru of your field
  • Make it much more likely that your customer will come back to your site again and again.

Because of the absence of face time with your customer,  the content of your website becomes that much more important in building a relationship with them.

The Mathematics of SEO

When it comes to customers finding you, it’s a bit of a numbers game.  The more pages you have on your site, the higher the propensity for new customers to find you.  If a website’s content is optimized, you can build ranking for your page by simply adding quality content to the index page.  This is because the index page carries ranking weight that flows out to the other pages on the site.  Once visitors find your site, it is up to your content to keep them there and encourage them to return.

Inbound Links

Relevant and worthwhile resources are sought out by websites in both your industry and other industries.  Keeping your content relevant and noteworthy will make you “link worthy” and get you free inbound links from sites that find what you have to offer riveting.  The equation is simple:  Offer more things on your site to get peoples pulses racing, pique their interest, or help them in some way, and you will find more of them linking to your site from theirs.  Since linking is also very important to building page rank, everyone you get for free is like money in the bank.    So you see it is important to offer value on your website if you intend to generate sales.

I hope by now you are convinced of the value of high quality content on your site.  If you need help, we offer a variety of content options for your site including blogging, press releases, articles, and more.  We can help you add helpful information to your site, tout a new product, or announce your presence to the world.  Whatever you need, we are here for you.  Together we can create content that will help you build a relationship with your customer, optimize your website, increase your number of links, and most importantly…GENERATE SALES!

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