Does My Business Need SEO? Why?

This question can be answered with a simple YES! And BECAUSE IT IS PROFITABLE FOR YOUR BUSINESS!! If that seems too easy of an answer, I will elaborate.  Search Engine Optimization is a necessity in today’s online business world. You must engage in it because it puts more money in your pocket, less in your competitors, and is relatively easy to do.  Still not convinced?  I’ll show you what I mean.

The first reason is the easiest to convince you of: MONEY!!  That’s right friends, good Search Engine Optimization equals dollars in your pocket.  I mean lots of dollars.  If someone can find your site first, and knows that it will fulfill their needs, you practically have a guaranteed sale.  In fact, 95% of all businesses will benefit from SEO in some way, shape or form.  If you are a company that sells big-ticket items or services, the result will be almost immediate.  If you sell 1.00  “I Like Ike” buttons, it may take a little longer.  Either way, the benefits are many, and not just in direct sales.  I like to think of it like working out at the gym.  Getting stronger is not the only benefit.  You also can impress the ladies, live longer, or just pound the next guy that messes with you.  Search Engine Optimization benefits you by increasing sales, giving you brand recognition, or allowing you to pound (metaphorically of course) the next competitor that messes with you.  Every one of these things adds up to money.  If the money you could make doesn’t convince you, how about the money you could lose?

No one wants to lose money.  There is no worse feeling than thinking you left money on the table that could have been yours.  It’s why some people gamble, and why others don’t.  Let me make you a promise.  If you aren’t doing SEO and your competitor is, you are LOSING MONEY!  Your competitor is dropping keywords in all the right places, linking pages together like a mad man, moving up the Google page, and soaking up all your profits.  By simply choosing not to do SEO, you have put yourself behind the curve, the eight ball, the times, or whatever euphemism you choose.  Your sales are dropping, and the other guy’s sales are skyrocketing.  You have gone from first to worst.  So now what do you do?  Simple.  Flip the script, turn the page, get on your horse and ride.  Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can SEO today.  After all, it’s pretty simple.

Simplicity is almost as great as money.  If it is simple and makes you a profit, that’s all the better.  At its heart, SEO is pretty simple.  Sure, your mind may be reeling from all the industry lingo, and the complex formulas and whatnot, but it is really about adding keywords that people are going to be searching for in the most strategic places in your website, and linking important pages together.  A professional can make it happen in a jiffy.  If you are low on cash, and long on time, you can learn to do it yourself.  It isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems at first blush.

So to answer my earlier question once again: Yes, and because it makes you money. SEO is an easy to use tool that will drive traffic to your site, increase your visibility in the market, and keep you from losing valuable dollars to your competitor.  If you are still reading this article and not looking at our SEO services, then I obviously didn’t make my point clear enough.  Don’t make me say it again…Please.

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