3 Benefits of Numinix Services Plans: Fixed Web Development Budget

Numinix_Service_Plans_Benefits_Fixed_Web_Development_CostsIf cutting costs is a primary aim of every small business, converting variable costs to fixed costs is just as important.  In small business, a change in any of your costs or a change in sales volume can drastically affect your net profit. The most common sense way to keep things level in any business is to make as many things as possible as predictable as possible.

In e-commerce, where the profit margins and profit losses are felt in deeper and more profound ways, this principle is more important than ever.  Your online store has become the provision source for your personal life.  Therefore, mistakes in expenditures are more costly for you, and spikes in sales are more thrilling as well.

For most e-commerce, small business owners, web development costs are largely varying costs from month-to-month.  Numinix understands this more than most, and asks the following important questions:

    • What if you could convert your varying month-to-month costs of web development to a fixed monthly cost?

    • What if you could convert these costs while at the same time ensuring that your online store has a solid direction, both for the present and the future?

    • What would it be worth to you each month to have and follow a well-planned development roadmap for maintaining your Zen Cart platform, modules and plugins?

    • How much is it worth to you each month to have well-defined refresh/redesign plan for the look, feel, and presentation of your website?

    • How much would it be worth to have a similar roadmap for your SEO?  Or for your custom programming needs?

    • How much would you be willing to pay monthly in order to have all of this along with the security of a weekly phone conference with a development manager who can consult with you regarding present issues and future needs?

Numinix Service Plans currently meet all of the above needs and so much more!  With five plans to choose from, Numinix offers a Service Plan to meet the financial needs of almost any budget.  Discover today the peace of mind and security of future that can come from a Numinix Service Plan.

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    3 Benefits of Numinix Service Plans: Fixed Web Development