6 Simple Tips to Supercharge Your Holiday Revenue

Christmas target 1The phrase “Christmas in July” isn’t just a cliché; it is so-named because it is the first mention of the holiday season during the calendar year.

It also represents the month when profitable Ecommerce stores start planning and preparing for the holiday season ahead. The most successful Ecommerce establishments know that early planning equates to increased revenue.

If you want to get moving with your holiday marketing plans, where do you start? What strategies will work for your store?

If you want to know, you are in the right place because in today’s article I am offering you six simple tips to get your store ready for your most profitable season yet!

1. Free Gift With Purchase

The holiday season is all about gifts, and giving them away for free is enough to entice buyers to click the “Buy” button. The free item, regardless of how small, will make buyers feel they are getting a two-for-one gift deal. Customers can give the extra item away as a gift.

To stay profitable, give an item away of lesser value and only offer it with a minimum purchase. The minimum purchase amount will depend on the profit you can expect on the item and what the average customer spends in your store. For example, if you sell $10 teddy bears, and your average order is $15, setting your minimum purchase limit to $50 is too high.

2. Gift Cards!

Don’t miss out on the gift card givers. Last-minute shoppers as well as office colleagues and gift-givers in professional settings love the idea of gift cards. The gift card audience is large during the holidays as shoppers can give recipients the ability to buy what they want and also expect a quick and relatively painless shopping experience.

3. FREE Shipping

Studies show that a large percentage of shopping cart abandonment results from shoppers bailing at the last minute due to “shipping cost shock.” In fact, customers will often choose free shipping over a discount because psychologically they feel that the shipping is what differentiates their online shopping experience from that of a physical store. Consumers generally dislike paying shipping so take advantage of this and offer free shipping discounts. If sitewide free shipping is not an option, consider minimum purchase amounts or free shipping on select items.

4. Holiday Emails

Start preparing now for a two-month email campaign to launch during the holiday season. Once Halloween is over, people are primed and ready for gift giving, and they are already contemplating their Black Friday shopping excursions. Some consumers even start their holiday shopping in October.

If you prepare your offers and discounts now and get your email templates ready, you will be right on time for the season. Think about creative campaigns, interesting contests and promotions, and any other ways you can build buzz around your store within the next three months so you will be ready just in time for the holiday rush.

5. Stocking Stuffers

If you sell a variety of smaller, lower-priced items in your store, consider creating a holiday-focused category called “Stocking Stuffers.” Christmas shoppers are always on the lookout for these smaller items but if you don’t package them as “stocking stuffer gifts”, your customer may not “get the clue” and you could miss out on additional streams of revenue.

6. Gift Categories

While you are creating a “Stocking Stuffer” category, think about creating many more gift-related categories such as “Men’s Gifts”, “Women’s Gifts”, “Gifts Under $25”, “Gifts for Your Husband”, Gifts for Your Wife”—the list is endless. Consider your audience when devising these new categories and create those that would appeal to them most. Display them prominently on your home page or in your navigation and mention them in your promotional holiday campaigns as well.

There you have it—six holiday promotional ideas to ramp up your revenue this season!

If you need help implementing any of these ideas, Numinix offers support and services that will prepare your website to rake in the extra revenue once the holiday season commences. Numinix has years of experience helping Ecommerce stores with their holiday marketing campaigns.

Click here to find out more about Numinix’s affordable packages that include design, development, content services, and more that will give you the competitive edge in your market this holiday season.

Good luck!

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