Your Ecommerce Holiday Preparation Checklist – Part 1

checklistIs your store ready for the holidays?

It’s not December yet, but if you don’t want to miss out on what analysts are saying will be the most profitable online holiday shopping season yet, then NOW is the exact time to start preparations for the holidays.

You have two choices…

1. Don’t do anything and experience “business as usual.”

2. Start preparing now; outperform your competition and cash in on the gift-giving frenzy.

If you prefer “curtain number two” then read on for a holiday preparation checklist that will get you started on the right foot.

1.  Test User Experience

If your site’s user experience is faulty, the additional surge of holiday traffic will impede your progress towards a profitable holiday campaign.

Here are some questions to consider

How fast does your website load?
How many steps are required to checkout?
How many steps are required to purchase?
How noticeable is your contact information and hours of operation?
How easy is it to locate the cart once items are placed in it?

These are some of the questions you want to ask and answer. Ensure your website loads fast (under 4 seconds) and your checkout process is clear. Keep the purchase process as simple as possible and display your contact information where customers can see it.

I suggest you perform some preliminary usability testing to assess your site’s UX. This testing will be valuable to you and ensure that every dime you invest into your holiday campaigns brings you hefty returns.

2.  Get Your Copy and Images in Order

Customers will respond favorably to an online shopping experience that closely resembles what they would experience in a physical store. What does this mean? Create a similar experience by adding as many important details as possible to your product pages. Give holiday shoppers a reason to stay home and shop in your store.

Here a few items to consider…

–          Multiple product angle shots – Don’t settle for the one-dimensional experience. Today’s shoppers want to see ALL sides of a product, especially if it is a type of apparel or shoe item.

–          Product videos are all the rage and the Ecommerce stores that are using them are raking in the cash. Imagine a shopper being able to see someone walking in the shoes she wants to purchase as a gift for her friend or family member—it’s a solid conversion strategy.

–          Enticing copy – Revise those manufacturer descriptions and create unique descriptions that capture attention and get noticed. Make shoppers feel as if they are in the store experiencing the item with their senses.

–          Add holiday keywords – Prepare for the holiday season by adding related keywords to the items. Sell them as gift ideas or use descriptive copy to entice shoppers to make their holiday season that much happier.

3. Customer Service

It’s common for stores to lose hold of their customer service over the holidays, mainly because they weren’t prepared. The holidays make shoppers impatient more than any other time of the year, and if you aren’t ready for them, they will leave your store faster than they came. Fast and reliable customer service will increase sales and keep you on top.

Ensure your customer support team is well-trained to handle holiday issues such as shipping estimates, product inquiries, related item upsells, complaints, returns, and more. The holidays bring out the best and worst in shoppers so prepare your customer support for the toughest cases and they will be ready to shine when the time comes.

Need help getting your holiday Ecommerce plans in gear? Numinix is on your side and ready to assist you with your website. Contact for information on how we can help you get your website prepared for increased revenue this holiday season!

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