Eight tips for adding Credibility to your Zen Cart website

Establishing trust with your customers is crucial for a successful online business. Here are eight elements that add credibility to your online store:

1. Make it easy to contact youPrime Vapor

Display your contact details in a visible area of the website. Even if your clients don’t need to contact you at that moment, it will make them feel more comfortable to shop knowing they are able to contact you at any time if they needed to. Additionally, having a phone number and physical address on your website will earn you some big credibility points.


2. Update your site on a regular basis


Having a blog is a nice way to keep your site updated. Fresh content gives visitors the feeling that there is an active team behind the website. It also is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand’s message and share useful content with your clients.


3. Display Testimonials and Reviews

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Convince satisfied customers to give testimonials and reviews by offering them discounts on future purchases. It’s easy to say that our products are great, but having a satisfied customer recommend it makes a much more powerful statement.


4. Add terms and conditions

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Having a Terms and Conditions agreement published on your website is highly recommended and not only for credibility. This will outline the rules users must agree to in order to use your website. It serves as a legally binding contract between you and your customers and protects both.


5. Link credible external sources

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When you provide relevant content, people will see your website as a reliable source of information. Being viewed as an authority in a certain subject will make your website much more likely to sell related products than a website that isn’t seen as credible. Always make sure links on your site are credible and relevant.


6. Place a search engine on your site

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Search engines enable people to find content on your site by using terms they are used to. Being able to find what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible will keep users happy and on your site longer.


7. Multiply your languages

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Your website is the key source of growing your business. If you can make it reach more people, why wouldn’t you? Although users can rely on Google Translate services, these services have a limited ability to translate your site’s content properly. Having a translation done by a professional removes ambiguity in comprehension.


8. Display any awards and titles you have

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Being recognized by a respectful institution in your field is the ultimate credibility seal. If you already have awards, make sure to display them in a visible area of your site. If you don’t have any accolades yet, keep an eye open for awards in your area and make sure your business is participating in the community.

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    Eight tips for adding Credibility to your Zen Cart website