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There are many ways you can ramp up your website’s credibility. Displaying customer reviews is probably one of the most effective ways to gain your audience’s trust. By treating your reviewers with respect and making it worthwhile for them to fill out a review, you have more chances of getting relevant feedback that will help you and your customers. Here is how to do it:

Simplify the process

Allow customers to write review without having to fill out a long form. Only ask for the information you absolutely need. If your customer is willing to donate their time to help you improve your business, the least you can do is make it easy for them. And don’t forget to make your review form mobile friendly too.

Get the timing right

The best time to ask for a review is shortly after customer receives the product, as that is when people are more likely to provide feedback. Studies show that review completion rates drop the more you wait to send the request.

Make it Worthy

If a customer gives a good review on a certain product, try to use that information to recommend similar products to that specific client. This can be done through email campaigns or even in a “suggested products” section on your website.

Listen and improve

It is completely fine to get a bad review. Use it as an opportunity to provide a great customer experience by replying to the reviewer and showing you care. If the customer has a valid point, make improvements and inform the customer of the changes you made. Remember that most innovations are frequently inspired by customer feedback.

At Numinix, we have a few years of experience under our belt helping clients get the most out of customer reviews on their ecommerce sites. If you need help implementing this on your website request a quote for our Product Reviews service.

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