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Product Image
Good product images are crucial to ecommerce businesses. We really can’t stress product image quality enough, which is why we’ve posted before about this topic. If you search online, you can easily find a plethora of tutorials on how to take great product pictures, even with a smartphone. If you decide to have a photoshoot (either DIY or by hiring a professional), we suggest you take the opportunity to go beyond the product image format. There are many other types of photos that can help sell your products. Once you have taken crisp and professional product shots, you can explore some other ideas. We’ll cover a few of them in this post.


Blog and Marketing Images

Camera and travel Camera in context

These images are more conceptual and perhaps even more fun to create. You can use them in blog posts, social media updates, newsletter campaigns, banners and other marketing media. Most of the time stock photography is used to illustrate these materials. While it is a cheaper alternative, it takes away the singularity of the communication piece since you might risk using the same image your prospective clients have already seen somewhere else. Since you will have a photo shoot prepared for product images, it won’t be too much work to take a few extra conceptual images for these purposes. To do so, think about all of the benefits your services or products bring to customers and how you could represent these benefits through images. Some examples could be happiness, health, leisure, safety. You can also show your products in the context they are intended to be used.


Team Images

Team Store owner

Team shots makes businesses look more credible. Showing you or your team inside your store, warehouse or office adds that personal touch that make people connect with you. These portraits can be added to your about page along with your company’s information. Or, if you are reaching out to local press and relevant industry publications, having some high quality images to illustrate your story will definitely make you stand out.


Social Profile Images

Facebook profile images

Social media profile images have several size requirements that are constantly changing. When you are taking your shots, think about the different formats they will likely be used in, such as horizontal headers, square profile pics or background images. Have a look at some of the social profile photo sizes and keep them in mind during the photoshoot. Here are some helpful links with the recent dimensions:


Special Occasion Images

Christmas camera Birthday camera

Finally, you can prepare a yearly calendar to send out personalized holiday and birthday messages to your clients. This is a friendly way to stay in touch. By having images that show your products or store, you will be showing your customers that you gave the occasion some extra thought by preparing customized content.





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  1. Product photography is very important if one wants o make their sale go up. Using high resolution photos is the most desired thing when it comes to product photography. This article has the best tools and advice of how a product photography should be done.

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