4 tips for making the best of your WooCommerce site


Always run the newest version of WooCommerce

WooThemes and most third party developers support the current version of WooCommerce and one version back. That means if you are running an old version, you won’t be able to get official support for plugins.

Ensure plugins are updated regularly

Running old plugins means that certain security issues may go undetected. Also, if you are using a plugin to integrate WooCommerce with a service such as a payment gateway, i.e. that authorizes credit card or direct payments, there’s a good chance your site will stop functioning.

Make your site is as secure as possible

To ensure your site has maximum security, it’s important you have an SSL certificate, and that you use HTTPS on your checkout. Customers will think twice before purchasing from a site that is not secure. Google also recently stated that they will be using HTTPS as a ranking factor.

Remember the system status report is there for a reason

The WooCommerce plugin includes a helpful System Status report that lists several facts about your site, such as your active theme and which versions of certain plugins you are running. There are a few common system misconfigurations that may harm your site, and this report detects those potential issues. Pay attention to the report and ensure everything is green and therefore functioning properly.


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    Making the best of your WooCommerce site