How to use Instagram stories to promote your brand

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Instagram recently stirred up competition in the social media world with the announcement of their new Instagram Stories feature. Just like Snapchat stories, this feature allows users to post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. As well as offering additional exposure to your audience, and another way to connect, they are also a great way to help grow your brand. Here are five ways to use Instagram stories to promote your brand.

Behind-the-scenes content

With so many Instagram photos being carefully positioned and captioned, using Instagram Stories is a great way to add some authenticity to your brand’s feed. This feature can be used to give your audience behind-the-scenes access and take them on a journey. Since e-commerce stores often do not have a store for customers to visit, Instagram Stories will show them the secrets behind the brand, and gives the brand another dimension.

Share exclusive content

Since Instagram Stories are only live for 24-hours and visible to those who engage with your brand, make sure you’re rewarding them with interesting and exclusive content. You can make followers feel special by sharing updates no one gets to see, for example, a 24-hour discount code for your e-commerce store, or an exclusive peek at your new product range.


A takeover is essentially a collaboration where another user appears on your stories and vice versa. Takeovers are not only a great opportunity to enlist the help of someone who can bring value to your audience, but for the person doing the takeover, there’s also a high endorsement value. By appearing on another person’s stories, you can expose your brand to your a new group of followers and access new demographics.

Build anticipation

Instagram Stories are also a great way to get your audience excited about an upcoming event, such as the launch of a new product, a new event or a special appearance. Rather than clogging up your followers’ feeds with ‘coming soon’ posts, you can give them tiny snippets and build buzz.

Answer questions

Instagram Stories are not only a great way for you to share your news, they’re a great platform for two-way communication as well. You might decide to post a story asking followers to comment with their questions, and another story with the answers to some of those questions. You’ll find followers are far more responsive when you post engaging videos, and more likely to ask questions.

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