Which Numinix plan is right for your e-commerce site?

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Have a large web development project? Need ongoing maintenance of your website? Numinix Service Plans are the best way to achieve your objectives at a great rate, while receiving expert knowledge and advice from our team of web developers along the way.

Before deciding which plan is right for you, we analyze your website’s data and determine the best course of action to increase your overall conversion rates and revenue. We’ll dedicate a set number of hours to either complete existing projects started by you, or to start new projects.

The Start-Up Plan

The Start-Up Plan is our most affordable option, priced at $337 per month, with an hourly rate of $79.90. It’s perfect for new e-commerce websites that need some assistance starting out. The plan also features a 16% storewide discount and four hours per month of Numinix services. We’ll give you technical support, as well as assistance with other areas of your business, such as content writing.

The Professional Plan

The professional plan functions much like a personal mechanic. In other words, when you need upgrades and changes, we’ll provide them. The plan costs $650 per month, with an hourly rate of $73.95, a 13% storewide discount, and nine hours per month of Numinix services.

The Corporate Plan

If you’re looking at our Corporate Plan, chances are your branding and marketing has matured and your e-commerce site needs a little more than just maintenance. Perhaps you need a fresh website design each year to remain competitive in your industry. Whatever your requirements, the Corporate Plan offers you both elite services for higher levels of business performance. It’s slightly more pricey at $1,200 per month, but you also get more for your money, with a $68.00 hourly rate, a 20% storewide discount, and 18 hours worth of our services per month. The plan also includes additional perks such as plugin updates, link repairs, speed optimization and an SEO audit.

The Enterprise Plan

Last but not least, the Enterprise plan is our highest-priced plan at $2,200 per month, with an hourly rate of $62.33. For this, you’ll get a 26.67% storewide discount and the highest level of business performance and customer service. The Enterprise Plan offers the most complete approach to maintaining and improving your online business and is great for e-commerce websites that require proactive maintenance and a fresh design annually to maintain a reputation and edge. With this plan, you receive 35 hours worth of our services per month.

Need assistance finding the right plan for you? Contact us and request a quote today.

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    Which Numinix plan should you choose?