Four e-commerce success stories you can learn from

It’s no secret that the e-commerce industry is booming right now, and in order to stay ahead of competition, e-commerce businesses need to be fast-thinking and innovative. Have a read of what these four e-commerce companies did to stand out and grow their businesses, you might just learn a lot from them.

Hello Matcha

Shopify’s product team took on the challenge of launching their own product with a limited budget and very strict time frame. Thoroughly researching the e-commerce market, they wanted to launch a product based on consumer trends. They came up with a matcha green tea line, which they called Hello Matcha and generated $922.16 in revenue in just three days. Read more here.


On Threadless, people submit their t-shirt designs, the crowd votes, and the best designs get printed. The designers then get a commission on the sales. “With our company it’s all about trust and honesty,” says co-founder, Jake Nickell. “We just don’t like the idea of pushing our brand on people who otherwise wouldn’t hear about it.” Allowing the customers to create their own product and coming up with such a unique concept has increased their success as a business. Read about them.


BeardBrand is an example of an ecommerce business that used storytelling to build their unique brand. They launched ‘Urban Beardsman’ – a website dedicated to the urban beardsman and the bearded lifestyle as a way to market their products. This creates a unique experience that incorporates the customer into the brand and led to sales of $120,000 per month in year one. Read more here.

Diamond Candles

What made Diamond Candles stand out from the rest was their unique product. Instead of selling customers a standard candle they had seen a hundred times before, they buried rings within the candle wax. Customers began to share photos of their findings on social media and word quickly spread about this unique product. And what’s more, not a dime was spent on advertising. Check out their website here.

You can see more success stories here and here.

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    E-commerce success stories you can learn from