Here’s Why Every E-Commerce Site Needs a Blog

If you don’t have a blog for your e-commerce site, this blog post is an explanation of why this is so important. It goes without saying that the more traffic you get to your site, the more products or services you’re going to sell. One thing businesses fail to grasp is that blogging is one of the main driving forces behind traffic to your site, and here’s why.

Blogs Are Great For Search Engine Optimization

Having a blog increases the number of pages for your site, which means more internal links pointing to your homepage. But the only way to secure external links and improve your ranking in search engines is to produce great content. If you write an article that gets shared on social media, other sites are more likely to link to it, thereby improving your page rankings. If you’re producing bad or mediocre content, people or unlikely to share or link back to it. If writing isn’t your strong point, it might be an idea to use blog content creation services, where writers with more knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), realize the importance of using keywords in order to rank more highly.

Blogs Get Your Business Noticed In The Eyes Of Consumers

If you’re using social media sites as a promotion tool for your business, you may struggle when it comes to writing posts if you don’t have a blog for your e-commerce site. There is only so many times you can promote your ‘About Us’ page or talk about a promotion you’re having, so the more you write, the more opportunities you have to share new content and catch the eye of consumers. If a potential customer sees a new blog post you’ve shared and finds it interesting, they’re not only more likely to share it or link to it on their own sites, but it may encourage them to make a purchase from you. All of this increases your search engine ranking, which also positions you as a more trusted authority compared to your competitors.

Blogging Allows You To Talk About More Than Just Products

With so many competitors out there, sometimes you need to rely on more than just products and prices to win over consumers. A blog is a chance for you to tell your story and give consumers an idea of the people behind the business. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for blog posts, a great place to start is with a story about your founding. In other words, how your business started, who was involved and what makes it special or different from competitors’ sites. You could also feature your products in your blog. Rather than simply repeating what consumers can already see from the product descriptions, why not describe how they’re made, where they’re from, and their special features. The more you can make your products appear interesting, the higher the chance of a sale.

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