How to personalize email content as an e-commerce site

According to HubSpot, email is one of the most effective ways to reach customers, driving 2.53% of e-commerce sales. However, it is still one of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce stores. With so many channels existing to reach e-commerce customers, it’s not exactly hard to see why so many emails are viewed as spam. A large reason for this is that many of the emails e-commerce customers receive fail to resonate with their interests, or some simply bypass customers, instead landing in the ‘promotions’ tab on Gmail.

Research by Aberdeen Group, shows that 96% of organizations believe that email personalization can improve email marketing performance, so e-commerce sites have a huge opportunity to engage their subscribers with unique, personalized messages. By addressing them directly and giving them content which conveys your ideas as a business as well as meeting their needs, customers will feel valued and appreciated. Users have busy lives and as a result, have less time to read the emails they receive, so it’s important for e-commerce sites to seize the opportunities they have with email marketing campaigns to target customers. In this blog post, we will outline some of the techniques you can use to personalize your e-commerce emails.

Send a customer an email on their birthday

Birthday emails are one of the best opportunities to send customers personalized emails. Not only will this make them feel special, it will also encourage the customer to buy from, or at least browse, your e-commerce store. For example, offering them a free gift on their birthday when they spend a certain amount, or giving them a discount on any product they like are both great techniques.  

Let them know their favourite product is on sale

If customers are regularly ordering certain products from your e-commerce store and you have just lowered the price, let them know with a personalized email. Similarly, if you are discontinuing one of their favourite products, let them know it’s going to be out of stock soon. If the product has already gone out of stock, you might suggest some alternatives.

Send customers loyalty updates

If you are an e-commerce site that runs a loyalty scheme, reminding customers how many points they have is a great way to encourage them to come back to your site and shows them you are paying attention to their purchases. If a customer has built up lots of points but has forgotten to use them or doesn’t know they are entitled to a discount or free items, this is the perfect opportunity to entice them back to your site.

Send customers browse abandonment emails

If you collect and store the browsing history of registered users, sending them personalized emails related to the content they viewed is a great way to encourage them to make a purchase and for you to capture lost revenue. For example, ‘Hi Jack, We see you recently viewed this item on our site and we don’t want you to miss out! Buy it now for a limited time only.’


What are your favourite personalization techniques for email? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or tweet us @numinix


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