How To Efficiently Process Orders For Your E-commerce Store

In 2016, UPS and comScore reported that one in three online shoppers made the decision to purchase from an e-commerce store. Why? Because of faster delivery.

When shopping online, customers are not only looking for fast delivery, but also free shipping. And the cost of not meeting customers’ expectations can be high, causing businesses to quickly lose new and repeat sales.

So how can e-commerce stores better address fast and free shipping?

Step one is to ensure orders are processed quickly and effectively. This might involve using distributed warehouses to place products close to likely customers, or choosing different service levels from a carrier, for example. You may also try to negotiate special rates with a carrier to offset more expensive shipping methods, or use techniques like zone skipping.

One way to make the order processing stage of events more effective and faster is to adjust your normal process. For example, rather than scheduling warehouse employees from 9am to 5pm, your e-commerce store may decide to schedule them between 10am to 6pm instead, since many carriers such as UPS accept package drop-offs until 6pm.

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    Processing Orders For Your E-commerce Store