BigCommerce predicts voice interaction for e-commerce sites in future

E-commerce has come a long way in recent years, largely due to advancements in technology, but BigCommerce says merchants need to be active in spaces where consumers want to be.

“The experience is really about connecting with the consumer’s desires and making sure you are meeting their expectations. We won’t be able to push users to an interface that they don’t enjoy,” said Brian Dhatt, the chief technology officer at BigCommerce.

Dhatt said he sees e-commerce heading towards voice-based natural language interaction.

“The most telling thing about voice interfaces like Amazon Alexa or Google Home is when I look at the next generation out there, so if I look to my nieces and nephews … I’m amazed by their interactions,” he said.

“The next generation after us spend a lot of time on mobile and here we see it with 50 percent-plus of sales. The generation beyond that I see spending a lot of time on voice interfaces.

“I will be very surprised in five to 10 years from now if we don’t see much like the mobile revolution, a revolution where most folks are buying using natural language and voice interfaces.”

Dhatt also said that believes successful e-commerce is fuelled by great technology.

“The better you are at it, the better you are at serving customer,” he added.

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    BigCommerce predicts voice interaction