5 Logo Design Trends to Consider in 2018

5 Logo Design Trends to Consider in 2018

5 Logo Design Trends to Consider in 2018

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of a professionally designed logo that not only stands out but also creates a favorable impression of your business while accurately representing your brand. Logo trends, however, are not static; they are continually evolving. So, if you’re planning on launching a brand new business or thinking about updating your current logo, here are five 2018 logo design trends to keep in mind.

Bright Colors and Color Gradients

Since competition for attention online is more fierce than ever, when designing their logos in 2018, companies will move away from colors that are considered traditionally safe. You can expect to see lots of eye-catching, saturated colors. In addition to a vibrant color palette, logos that use color gradients and color transitions will become more prevalent.

Non-Linear, Creative Typography

Although text-based logos will remain popular in 2018, businesses will abandon their unimaginative typography and embrace creativity and originality when it comes to logo design. We will see more split or chaotic typography or letter stacking as businesses break away from linear formats to create logos that catch the eye of potential customers. 


Although lettering is not new to 2018, decorative and hand-made fonts will continue to be used for businesses such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, and spas. Since they exude elegance and refinement, they are an excellent choice to convey professionalism and sophistication.


The popularity of video is extending to logos this year. Adding movement to logos by using subtle animation is a sure way to get online shoppers to notice your brand. It adds visual interest and can significantly transform a logo and inspire interest.

Geometric Shapes

Minimalist geometric shapes will continue to be used this year to create simple, yet unique, designs that are stylish and that stand out. Logo designers will creatively use both conventional and unconventional geometric shapes to create intriguing and memorable patterns.

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    5 Logo Design Trends to Consider in 2018