Benefits of A Numinix Service Plan

website services plan

website services plan

Entrepreneurs know first-hand just how many ins and outs of running an online business there really are. There are a seemingly infinite number of decisions to make and the value of having specialists in your corner can’t be overstated. Whether you’re overhauling your web presence and need assistance with the massive undertaking or simply need help maintaining your website, the developers at Numinix can help you navigate the decision-making process successfully.

Benefits of Having a Website Service Plan

There’s been a lot of information written about what you should and shouldn’t do with your online business. A website service plan from Numinix guarantees that you’ll receive web development advice that’s based on expertise and experience. You’ll have a developer dedicated to making sure that your website thrives, and that your business works the way you want it to.

What We Do

The first thing we do is create a roadmap for success. Using a wealth of data analysis tools, we figure out the best way to do achieve the goals that we know are important to you: increasing your conversion rates and growing your revenue. Then our developers dedicate their time to completing the projects that we’ve worked together to determine will bring the results you need.

What We Include

In addition to the number of billed hours you decide to purchase, all of our plans come with a storewide discount, as well as technical support, with rapid response times. Weekly phone conferences, guidance and planning, and content writing are all services we offer across the board, and more extensive plans include advanced web design, SEO work, HTML validation, debugging, and more.

The Options

We have four main options available: Start-Up, Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. Each comes with a different number of billed hours per month, and at their own rates, and each plan offers a different package of services. You can compare plans here. Not sure which website service plan is best for you? The experts at Numinix would be glad to help you pick a plan or, if the options listed don’t meet your needs, to create a custom plan.

What do you look for in a website service plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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