Two E-Commerce Marketing Strategies that Will Help Boost Sales

e-commerce marketing strategies

e-commerce marketing strategies

Although the exact number of advertisements consumers are exposed to per day is actually unknown, we can agree that between watching the morning news and skimming your Facebook feed on your coffee break, people are being constantly bombarded with the opportunity to make a purchase.

If your business is able to use alluring organic content or paid exposure to your advantage, you would be able to convert everyday people into paying customers.

Personalize your business

The most successful e-commerce sites are ones that personalize the experience for their consumers. Using personalization as one of your e-commerce marketing strategies will allow you to show your customers how important their business means to you.

As a business owner, start off your personalization process with a well-executed email strategy. Did you know that personalizing the subject lines make your email 26% more likely to be opened?

Always remember to test your emails. Most email marketing platforms give you the ability to send test emails, to ensure everything from your links to your subject lines offer a call to action for the consumer.

Also, use your customer’s first name. It will create a more personalized greeting when your newsletter or product update appears in their email inbox. Emails offer you a chance to show off the authenticity of your brand, so don’t be afraid to flaunt what you got.

Use social media

Social media is an important tool to utilize as part of your list of e-commerce marketing strategies. In fact, your e-commerce site should have links to all your social media platforms.

Social media allows consumers to take action. Social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook allow you to showcase your brand’s personality, which will enable consumers to connect to it in a more meaningful way. Brand-building is extremely important for an e-commerce business, as authenticity makes your brand more desirable.

Busy schedule? Let Numinix’s team of professionals develop an e-commerce site that works well for your business.

What e-commerce marketing strategies have you used to help boost the sales of your online business? Tell us in the comments section below.


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    Two E-Commerce Marketing Strategies that Will Help Boost Sales