What Should Your E-Commerce Homepage Look Like?

e-commerce homepage

e-commerce homepage

E-commerce businesses are constantly fighting to get noticed by new potential consumers, but how can you successfully entice people to browse your products?

An e-commerce homepage is probably one of the most important, eye catching tools that can be designed to personalize your company site and separate you from the competition. This will allow you to showcase the diversity of your content, advertise your products and give customers an online platform where they can make purchases.

What needs to be included on your e-commerce homepage?

The homepage of your business is your space to advertise what your company offers and it’s the customer’s space to explore the content of the site. While companies usually keep diverse content on their page, some businesses need extra help to draw in their target audience.

The informational layout of your e-commerce homepage could range from promotional offers, product reviews, advertisements for new products and a personalized blog in relation to any news in your industry. Each of these elements serves a key purpose within your marketing strategy and have the ability to help convince customers to make a purchase.

How should the content be placed?

You need to strike a steady balance between text and visuals in order to offer the customers an equal visual to verbal representation. Some people prefer pictures opposed to text and vice versa, so it is important to appeal to a larger demographic.

However, research finds that customers enjoy product descriptions that are thoughtfully presented in writing. Too many pictures overwhelm them, making them less likely to see how they could use the product. The study also revealed that when customers read a longer description, they recall the product easier and it may make them purchase the item down the road.

Another key element is how your products will be aligned on your e-commerce homepage — horizontal or vertical? Although everyone perceives things differently, studies show that viewing products horizontally is more visually stimulating for the person at the other end scrolling through.

Well, there you have it! If you don’t have experience designing your own e-commerce homepage, consult with the Numinix team to get your site designed. Otherwise, how were our tips? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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    What Should Your E-Commerce Homepage Look Like?