E-Commerce Platforms: Magento vs. Shopify

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Sometimes deciding which e-commerce platform will best display your business can prove to be challenging. Although Numinix has a qualified web design team that specializes in many varying platforms, some of which you’ve probably already explored, we would like to show you how Magento and Shopify compare based on their design. Choosing the right online store platform is incredibly important, as it sets the stage for the success of your business. Now let’s put these two platforms head-to-head and see which contender offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Main functionality and features

Magento is a commonly used open source, e-commerce platform that is used to display and sell your products online. This platform is a PHP (hypertext preprocessor) software, which makes it easy for web developers to script language and modify, as well as altered the template code to suit any specifications of the online shop. Magento is also:

  • More big-name companies use this platform
  • Boost success of small to medium businesses
  • Offers a free edition, but the hosting edition can be expensive
  • Better for large scale stores
  • Self-hosted (need to pay a third-party hosting service fee)
  • Lots of affordable extensions available
  • Business owner can control/navigate website easily
  • Easily customizable
  • Comes with extra features (coupon codes, gift cards, wish lists etc.)

On the other hand, Shopify is a proprietary, e-commerce platform, which offers everything you need for a simpler online store. Unfortunately, Shopify is not a platform that is modifiable and cannot be altered to suit more specific needs down the road. However, many first-time business owners use this platform to get them started. Shopify is also:

  • Used by a few larger named companies, but works better for small stores
  • Is not free, but offers reasonably priced monthly subscriptions (Basic is $29/month)
  • Offers more features (abandoned cart recovery, advanced reporting etc.)
  • Offers charges when online transactions as made through external payment gateways (PayPal etc.)
  • Hosted by the company (no additional fees)
  • Offers 100+ apps and add-ons
  • Not very customizable (makes it difficult for branding)
  • Easy to use (doesn’t require coding)

Benefits of Magento

Magento is a free, very modifiable software that allows the business owner tons of affordable extensions and options to customize their online store. It is a flexible e-commerce platform that is a great choice for smaller businesses to grow and evolve. A premium choice for owners that want to develop brand awareness, Magento is user-friendly, packed with built-in features and offers a limitless window of possibilities.

Benefits of Shopify

Shopify is a cheap, easy-to-use software that allows the business owner to sit back and relax. Although, this platform is not modifiable, it is already created to suit the needs of small businesses. Shopify is hosted by the company, which means that the online store speed and storage is handled for them with no extra fees. Simply, one less thing to worry about managing. There is no fussing around, as your store already features the best add-ons for your customers to navigate and enjoy.

Both Magento and Shopify offer varying pros and cons when it comes to website development. Deciding which e-commerce platform meets your business needs is easier after you speak with a professional about your business goals. Contact Numinix for more information.

Have you used either of these e-commerce platforms for your business? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “E-Commerce Platforms: Magento vs. Shopify

  1. Thank you for sharing this article with us!
    I think that all these systems are suitable but for different business purposes. It may happen that developers, as well as owners, don’t take into account business needs and requirements for Magento and Shopify. In this case, the website may turn into an unsuccessful e-commerce project.

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    E-commerce platforms: Magento vs. Shopify