Is your Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate effective?

securing your e-commerce site

securing your e-commerce site

If you failed to update your HTTP site after Google Chrome shifted to a more protected web encryption late last month, your e-commerce site may have been marked as ‘not secure’. Google Chrome has chosen to update its security measures, by warning visitors in their address bars, that the site they are on has not adapted to the new required security measures. By not securing your e-commerce site, Google will down-rank your search results in order to protect user information.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate explained:

Your SSL is the secured encryption connection that exists between your server and the user’s choice of browser (ex. Google Chrome or Firefox). Secured sites help protect users and their personal information. If this encryption system did not exist, anyone with access to the user’s router or ISP would be able to potentially intercept any information that is sent between the servers.

Is your SSL Certificate Sitewide?

Although your checkout page may show secure, is that message displayed sitewide? If not, customer’s may not even make it to the checkout page out of fear that your site is not reputable.

How do you know if your e-commerce site is secure?

The top left corner of your browser will indicate whether the site you are visiting is ‘secured’ or ‘not secured’ by Google Chrome. As you can see, even some professional websites have not updated to the required HTTPS encryption and could potentially give out your personal information.

How does securing your e-commerce site benefit you?

  • Increases your site security: Updated to an encrypted connection will hide your customer’s personal information from possible hackers.
  • Creates credibility and trust: Google now notifies users that a site is not secure, giving them the option to continue browsing. By securing your e-commerce site, you are protecting your customer’s personal information and building their trust.
  • Possesses SEO advantages: Sites that have updated their SSL Certificates are given a slight ranking boost on Google searches. This advantage has the ability to put you ahead of your competition.

Are you still a bit confused or overwhelmed by Google Chrome’s new security measures? Numinix’s design and development team have the knowledge and know-how to get you up-to-date on your e-commerce security. Call 1-855-686-4649 ext. 707 or email for more information!

Do you have any other questions about SSL certificates? If you do, leave a comment in the space below.

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    Is your Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate effective?