Common E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

e-commerce mistakes

e-commerce mistakes

Whether you’re a first-time business owner or extremely experienced in the art of e-commerce, there are many factors that must be present in order to ensure success. The prosperity of an e-commerce website is usually measured by how many customers visit the site and make a purchase. If you want the traffic going through your page to convert into sales, avoid these common mistakes that drive online shoppers absolutely crazy.

The most dull and boring product descriptions

You could own the best products on the face of the earth, but if you aren’t able to describe to potential buyers why the products are so amazing, they will probably be hesitant when adding them to their shopping cart. Insightfully thought out descriptions with colour language boldly stand out to an online shopper. Great copywriting is key when it comes to influencing your customers to take action.

Tons of Out of Stock Items

This scenario is comparable to dangling candy in front of a child, it’s frustrating. There is nothing worse than getting all pumped up for a new product, especially after reading an artfully written description, only to find out that after all that effort the item isn’t even available for purchase. What a bummer! At this point, the shopper is probably irritated enough that they don’t want to take the time to look through other items featured, out of fear that they are also not in stock.

Your site needs to be device friendly

This is one of the biggest e-commerce mistakes a business owner can make, especially since a large amount of the traffic visiting your e-commerce site on the daily comes from mobile users who are shopping throughout the day. Without the proper mobile optimization for your site, customers will quickly click away to a more device friendly alternative. Be sure to design a site that easily allows people to navigate through and enjoy!

Avoid “register with us” popups

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Stop constantly bothering your customers to register with your site. Every day people are bombarded with constant reminders telling them to buy things. Avoid greeting your visitors this way, cause it’s annoying. Instead, use your sidebar to display a box where they can enter their information if they wish to subscribe.

Although there are many e-commerce mistakes that you can make, just remember to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Create a personal relationship with them instead of just a promotional relationship. In time, you’ll find that they will respond better when you avoid the above references.

Are there any other e-commerce mistakes that you think business owners should avoid? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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    Common E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid