National Entrepreneurs Day: The do’s and don’ts of launching an e-commerce site

e-commerce site

 e-commerce site

National Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated across America on the third Tuesday in the month of November. This annual event was created to honor all the men and women who’ve had a dream, and often times, managed to create an entire empire out of nothing. In turn, jobs have been created and the world has become crammed with so many innovative products and services. As a way to inspire young entrepreneurs to continue to launch their business models, use this day to thank mentors, give funding and advice, as well as spread the word about how to achieve success in the business world. As our way to spread the word, we will be highlighting a few do’s and don’ts for first-time entrepreneurs that are brainstorming how to launch their e-commerce site.

DON’T assume that customers will just find your site

Although this tip seems incredibly obvious, many entrepreneurs think that simply launching their e-commerce site will spread the world about their product or service. The reality is that the web is a rather large place with tons of space to explore, most people won’t accidentally end up on your site. You’ll need to establish a plan to get traffic to your site by means of enlisting an advertising or marketing firm that can help assist you in your SEO efforts and get your website noticed.

DO set a budget aside to test marketing and development

Your e-commerce site is worth the time that you put into it, which is why a healthy marketing budget will give you some wiggle room for testing to see what marketing channels and strategies will best suit your business. Also, be sure to include a little bit of funds to development your e-commerce site with all the latest plugins. All the best brands have a well-designed, well-developed layout that flows with various colours, informative text and graphics.

DON’T give up

Sometimes you’ll have an amazing idea and sometimes, let’s face it, your idea will suck. But it’s important to never give up. Most successful brands didn’t become successful overnight and you need to be prepared to have a little push back. If there are signs that your product or concept are worth giving it your all, keep on pursuing your passion and hopefully success will come in given time.

DO always listen to your customers

As an e-commerce business owner, you’ll probably hear a lot from your customers when you first launch your site. Be careful to act professionally and handle constructive criticism with poise and gratitude. You may even find that your customers may mention something that you’ve never even thought of. Responding appropriately will create deep connections and foster brand loyalty amongst online consumers.

Do you have any other do’s or don’ts that worked for you when you launched your e-commerce site? Let us know in the comments section below.


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    What to do (and not to do) When Launching an eCommerce Website