5 ways you should get your website ready for Christmas shoppers

e-commerce development for the holidays

 e-commerce development for the holidays

It’s the end of November which means Christmas is literally around the corner. As an online retail business owner you’ve probably been rockin’ around the Christmas tree for a few weeks now, gearing up for the busy, holiday season ahead. However, it’s important to not miss out on any opportunity you have to enhance your revenue. That’s why we’ve crafted this helpful list of things to keep in mind and hopefully change.

Upgrade your e-commerce development for the holidays before your business is overwhelmed with all the holiday-related traffic.

Don’t make any changes to your web design

We do not recommend decking the halls of your e-commerce website this close to the holiday season. Why? Well, rolling out any new web functionalities or code changes have the ability to disrupt your customers routine and cause them to abandon their shopping cart. Instead, trying focusing your efforts on optimizing your content, offers, products and marketing in order to enhance their shopping experience.  

Ensure your site is up to speed

Studies suggest that over 50% of users will abandon a page that takes three or more seconds to load. That’s why it’s imperative to test your site to make sure that you’re not driving away your customers before they can even find what they came looking for. If your e-commerce site is graphics-heavy or includes lots of videos, make it your top priority to streamline these pages in order to decrease your load time. Every second counts when it comes to holiday shopping!

Make sure your site is marked secure

Most customers will not put their personal credit card information into a site that doesn’t look professional or secure. Security creates a bond of trust with your customers and reassures them that they can safely do business with you. By installing a SSL/TLS certificate to your website you are adding a trust indicator to your address bar to entice customers to keep shopping.

Ensure that people can shop from all their devices

Customers shop using various devices — their phones, tablets and computers — and each piece of technology has a different screen size. As a business owner, it’s essential that your website works well, and looks good, across the board and possesses the same functionality on all the shopping devices.

Holiday shipping deadlines are a must

Some people wait until the absolute last minute to make their holiday shopping decisions. That’s why your website should give customers clear alerts letting them know if a product will be delivered before Christmas day. Giving customers a timeline will effect whether they purchase a product, but it also develops an element of trust with your store and they may choose to order it anyways and gift it later.

All e-commerce business owners want the same thing for Christmas and that’s a sleigh full of revenue, the sweet jingle bells of positive reviews and a smooth shopping experience for all their jolly customers. If you need some last minute help getting your website ready for shoppers this festive season, we can help you make Christmas the most wonderful time of year!

Do you have any other questions about e-commerce development for the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.  

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    5 Ways to Prep Your Website for Christmas