What are a few of Numinix’s most popular e-commerce plugins?

e-commerce plugins

e-commerce plugins

E-Commerce plugins enhance the shopping experience for potential customers by giving them clickable features that allow them to navigate your website and easily make purchases. That being said, if you’re looking to build a successful online store, choosing the right e-commerce plugin is crucial during the setup phase of developing your business. A simple, fast and accessible website means that you’ll have more opportunity for growth and advancement. Here are a few of our most popular e-commerce plugins that we’ve designed and installed for our clients.

A checkout plugin

It’s important for customers to be able to take their shopping cart to a checkout page in order to finish processing their order. That’s why a checkout should be fast, responsive and possess a usability that allows buyers to make their purchases from any device. The checkout should also be incredibly easily to find with a clear design that demonstrates your business’ high level of professionalism. Not to mention, all checkout plugins should include a conversion process that allows customers to know how much they are spending in their own monetary amount. We offer an assortment of checkout plugins, that possess various functions, and are designed for different e-commerce platforms. So, unless you’re a web designer or developer by profession, it’s best to leave the plugin installation to someone who understands the dynamics of the job.

A live-chat plugin

How many times have you personally been unable to process a purchase or implement a coupon code on a website at the checkout? This is probably why our live-chat widget is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins that we install for our clients. Featuring a live chat component on your e-commerce website allows you to respond quicker to your customers which in turn helps you to manage potential damage control. It’s also allows business owners to answer customer questions about products or services that may not appear in your FAQ portion of your website. Although there are tons of live-chat options, you need to find the one that fits into your goals and needs as a business owner.

A social networking plugin

A developed social networking plugin allows you to take advantage of the world of social media by connecting your webpage using state-of-the-art technology. Having a like, share or save button allows people who use that social channel to spread the word about your company to their friends and family. In turn, this extends your customer reach and increases your brands ability to advertisement to a target audience.

In your opinion, which e-commerce plugin do you find to be the most useful? Tell us in the comments section below.


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