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Zen Cart development

December brings along an exciting anticipation for all who celebrate the holiday season, but when it comes to the world of e-commerce advancement, the most exciting part of this festive month is the new Zen Cart development upgrade (v1.5.6 released). This annual investment allows business owners to enhance their website by maintaining a safe and secure network, improve their speed and delivery as well as update their site compatibility. So, what else has changed in the past year?

Minimum requirements

Zen Cart v1.5.6 requires a minimum of the following according to this source:

  • PHP 7.3 is recommended (but it “can” work with PHP 5.5 or newer).
  • MYSQL 5.1 – 5.7
  • Apache 2.2 – 2.5
  • Apache configured with AllowOverride set to either “all” or at least both “limit” and “indexes parameters and preferable the “options” parameter as well.
  • PHP configured to support CURL with OpenSSL.
  • Server’s CURL and OpenSSL configured to use the latest modern TLS capabilities.
  • Nginx is supported however IIS is not.

What has changed within the Zen Cart development?

These are the most notable improvements between v1.5.5 and v1.5.6:

  • Core: A dozen files have been updated for a more user-friendly compatibility.
  • Admin: Sales – Report graphs are now available on the Admin dashboard.
  • Checkout: Confirmation emails now include customer delivery telephone number and square payment support is now built-in in order to start taking credit card payments quickly and efficiently.
  • Admin: The following wording has been changed (In stock to enabled and out of stock to disabled). Admin pages have received a stylized change in order to support various screen sizes and they also now show their name in the browser tabs.
  • Coupons: Are now able to be restricted based on amount, product, specified and number of previous purchases while also added features such as search, export, reactivate, delete and clone existing coupon.
  • Template: There are a few compatibility updates to accommodate the OnePageCheckout plugin.
  • Enhancement: The File-Uploading section now gives detailed feedback and failure reports and stores more order-related data for reconstruction.

There are many more improvements and bugfixes that are listed here.

How do you upgrade a Zen Cart site?

Well, the best way to upgrade your Zen Cart development is to contact a knowledgeable  web development team to handle all the contents of the configuration. If you have Zen Cart knowledge, you can visit this blog post to handle your own upgrade.  

Do you have any other important Zen Cart Development questions? Drop a question in the comments section below and we will do our best to help you out.

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