How do you entice customers to shop at your online store?

web development

web development

Every person who visits your online store brings with them their own set of life experiences and points of view. That being said, people are usually more likely to buy things from a company that shares similar values as themselves; which is why building a website that has the ability to reflect the personas of your target market will allow you to identify with the audience. Subsequently, this form of customer loyalty has the ability to increase your overall revenue and encourage consumers to return when they are craving a positive online shopping experience. But, how do you entice these customers to shop at your e-commerce site in the first place?

Ensure you have a mobile optimized site

A huge percentage of online shoppers spend their extra time hunting for bargains on their mobile phones. If your e-commerce website is mobile optimized, that means that your business page has the ability to re-format itself for other handheld devices. Whether it’s providing larger navigation buttons, a re-configuration of your written content or images that are sized to appear clearly and concisely for a particular screen, mobile optimization makes the shopping experience more enriched for your customers.

Ensure that your website design is attractive

Online designs are constantly evolving with the emergence of new web development trends. However, an attractive design, although sometimes costly to create, is an essential investment if you’re trying to entice new customers. Hiring a professional graphic designer will allow you to create a beautiful online store, with high-quality integrations, eye-catching graphics and a website that is easily navigable from page-to-page.

Ensure that you run promotions

Customers love saving money, so, whenever you get the opportunity, try to run some sort of promotion or short-term discount. You should work alongside a web development team that will update your homepage banners, adjust your product prices to cohere to your sale and even implement the discounts for your customers who qualify for the promotion or free shipping. Not only are you giving a special value to show appreciation to your new and returning customers, but you’re also able to generate meaningful sales over a shorter period of time.

Ensure that you’ve looked into all of your plugin options

Simplicity is the key to enticing customers to proceed to your check out phase. If your website has problems loading content or if it’s missing valuable plugins, your customers may become too frustrated before they can even confirm their purchase. That’s why it’s important to make the process as easy and stress-free as you can when you’re developing your webpage.

Install a straightforward checkout plugin to allow your visitors an easy way to make their online purchases. While both a shipping and tax plugin will effortlessly calculate the total price and carrier costs so there are no last minute surprises. How about a web development plugin that actually allows the customer to input their payment information in order to process the order in the first place? There are a lot of elements to consider when you’re configuring your website to entice people to buy!

What web development trends have you used to attract new customers? Tell us in the comments section below.



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