What are some edgy, nice-to-have developments for your e-commerce site?

web development

web development

Either you’re an established company wanting to dip your toes or you’ve got the basics covered and are looking to dive to the next step, regardless of your reasoning for moving forward you can use these edgy web development tactics to get yourself ahead of the competition. In December we discussed laid out building an online store and the startup costs that come along with it, so, now that you’ve got a bit of digital business experience under your belt, let’s proceed forward with which nice-to-have additions your e-commerce site would benefit from.

Customize your website

If you chose to launch your e-commerce site with a pre-made template, perhaps it’s about time that you upgraded to a custom design? Customization is an edgy way to stand out from the crowd and with the right web design, your brand’s personality may even help you to attract new customers.  

Although web designers aren’t cheap if you’re inexperienced with intuitive online design or you simply are too busy with other business tasks, hiring a designer can help take the stress and workload off your plate.  

Build a logo design

Since you’re already inspired to develop a new online layout for your business, why not also have a logo design created to help improve your long-term branding strategy? Again, if you lack the motivation, ability or inventive affluence, then perhaps a professional graphic designer can also tackle this project while working on developing your leading-edge webpage.

While the prices of this service can range from $100 for a low-quality design to $1000 for custom, first-rate composition, it’s important to invest in distinction. Also, remember to be as descriptive as possible by sending samples of designs and designating the colour schemes that you like before the graphic designer goes to work.

Invest in some marketing

Once you establish your budget, it’s a good idea to start venturing out into the world of marketing. Pay per click advertising (PPC), like Facebook advertisements or Google AdWords, are the most common startup marketing investment.

Add more plugins

Both an SEO and a Live Chat plugin offer numerous benefits to your growing business. For starters, these web development tools make communicating with your audience quicker and more effective — SEO allows you to optimize your writing in order to plug in relevant key terms that people are searching for while Live Chat allows you to promptly respond to your customer’s questions and concerns.

Are there any other forms of web development that you want to recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.


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    5 Cool Developments for Your eCommerce Website