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Cobra Transmission website redesign

(2019, Numinix re-design)

We are excited to announce the launch of Cobra Transmissions’ newly designed website, Our goal with this dynamic redesign was to create a user-friendly and artistic browsing experience for their valued customers.

At Numinix, we’re a proud e-commerce design and development company that believes in taking the opportunity to spread awareness about, an innovative automotive parts business that we have had the pleasure of working alongside. So, if you’ve been looking to learn more about the powerhouse of your vehicle, then this easily accessible website is worth taking the time to admire.

What’s new?

The previous dated design was cramped with information and lacked the use of any bold imagery or sense of symmetry. While the re-design features an added vibrancy, the strong neutral shades now dominate the design and the added touch of color really pops out from the page. The current website’s fully-responsive construction now allows users to easily maneuver between pages, with all of the prior subcategories having been placed into fewer main categories in order to facilitate faster navigation and a reduction in the amount of clutter to the home page screen.

Our design team has also eliminated unnecessary copy that existed on the original webpage and replaced it with stylized buttons that allow customers to click through to learn additional features about products. Needless to say, although the color scheme has remained similar — black, white, blue and red — it now breathes a new sense of life through the use of color theory and other artful design methods. The best part about this redesign is that visitors to the site are now able to get a professional feel for the company — with an account registry, an efficient checkout process and an easy-to-use chat widget located on the bottom right-hand corner to facilitate questions and concerns directly to the business owner.

So, if you’ve been thinking of upgrading your e-commerce design and development or if your e-commerce business webpage is in need of some ongoing maintenance, please contact a member from our dedicated web development team and let us determine how we can improve your businesses selling platform.

Page design for Cobra Transmission website

(2018 design for

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