These 3 e-commerce strategies that can help you grow your business

e-commerce business strategies

e-commerce business strategies

Operating an e-commerce business comes with its own set of triumphs and challenges. While building a brand can often be a difficult, costly feat, once established they can quickly become effortless endeavors. Needless to say, part of the difficulties within the operation is learning about which tactics and techniques establish your businesses’ longevity. So, here are three powerful e-commerce business strategies that you can use to effectively increase your online sales.

Utilize customer interests

Online shoppers have a wide range of needs, interests and desires that they rely on the internet to get ahold of. So, if you want to appeal to your target market, it’s important to first understand the demographics of your audience — age range, gender (if applicable), location etc. Once you collect this valuable data, you’re then able to use it to create a web design that draws in your audience. The images you use should embellish your products or services, the navigation of the screen should be fluid and easy-to-use, your website should be optimized to be seen on various devices and screen sizes and your brand slogan, copy and product descriptions should work to closely align with the values of your potential customers. By utilizing your customer’s interests, you can improve your site’s search ranking and entice people to become regular, buying customers.

Work on increasing the value of your average orders

While it’s crucial to upgrade your webpage to entice shoppers to buy at some point, it’s also important to focus on e-commerce business strategies that can make you money at a quicker rate. That’s why you should do everything you can to increase your average order value (AOV). There are several ways that you can boost your AOV and increase the probability of repeated business.

  • Offer free shipping on orders above a certain price
  • Provide special discounts for purchases on multiples of the same items
  • Supply exclusive coupons for their next purchase with a specific dollar amount to spend and a shortened time frame to take advantage of the discount.
  • Cross-sell relevant products

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

It’s not unheard of for shoppers to browse a website, add a bunch of products that they’re interested in purchasing and leave the site never to return again. That’s why installing a plugin to prevent shopping cart abandonment should be a crucial part of your list of e-commerce business strategies. Although we aren’t certain of why desertion occurs, extra shipping costs, account creation and complicated checkout processes are three of the prime reasons why many shoppers choose to take their shopping experiences elsewhere.

An experienced web development team will be able to examine your site’s bounce rate and establish where customers are leaving your site. From there, they will be able to recommend a shopping cart abandonment plugin, a new checkout system or may even be able to speed up the experience for shoppers so that they will be more inclined to follow through with future purchases.

Which one of our e-commerce business strategies will you be looking into to help grow your business? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    3 eCommerce Strategies for your Business