What are some secrets to e-commerce longevity?

customer support plugin

customer support plugin

With the ever-growing expansion of technology and the growth of online shopping, it can be very desirable to want to run your own business. After all, there are so many advantages, especially when it comes to e-commerce — flexible hours, being your own boss and watching your vision grow. Although launching your company’s website is one of the first and most monumental hurdles, maintaining your stake in your industry is the most crucial if you want to live and prosper as a business owner. So, are you interested in learning about some of the secrets to e-commerce longevity?

Excelling at customer service

Good customer service is one of the key building blocks that make up a successful business. So, when you make it your mission to provide over-the-top service to your shoppers, you’ll find that one-time purchases will quickly turn into recurring orders. While one of the most important elements in customer service is providing prompt, well-mannered quality control through the use of technology, such as a customer support plugin, it’s also all about creating an experience for the consumer. If you’re a small business owner, or a larger business with the extra time, be sure to customize your emailed responses and add a little personality and character to these interactions.

Consumers feel a connection to family-run businesses

While there are endless opportunities to shop for pretty much anything and everything within the comforts of various online big-box retailers, many customers enjoy providing their love and support to smaller, family-run businesses. Maybe because there are always some added elements of authenticity when you shop from a business that has family branded into the name, but shoppers love to browse these e-commerce sites for unique gifts. While running a family business has its own set of trials and tribulations, everyone has to start from somewhere, so perhaps consider passing this torch onto the next generation in due time?  

Cater to the industry trends

The preferences of the consumer market change over the years, so it’s important to be mindful of these trends in order to keep up with the times. For example, if you own a premium meat shop and take bulk online orders, keeping up to date with trending health movements and the flow of the dietary market may help you to curb the approach on how to best appeal to your customers. For example, you could advertise about how your products are now made with 20% less fat than a similar cut that can be purchased at a supermarket. Homegrown, fresh and getting more for the price are always great ways to stay current in the industry.

Invest in your web design and development

While our other examples are mindful suggestions, investing in the design and development of your online company is a physical thing that you should do if you’re hoping to stay in business for years to come. Advanced plugins like an SEO plugin, a customer support plugin and a social networking plugin have the power to extend your reach in order to find a larger pool of interested customers. Also, mixing up your homepage graphics and keeping on top of updates will help your e-commerce site look fresh and maintained. Also, ensuring that you’re appealing to changes in holidays or seasonal, as well as website functionality are important elements of your online development.  

Seasoned business owners, what are some other tips that have enabled your e-commerce longevity? Drop a comment below to share.


Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

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