What key features should your e-commerce platform have?

web development

 web development

Since we live in a world where almost anything can be purchased online it’s a good time to be an e-commerce business owner. Everyday retail sales have migrated onto nifty, easy-to-navigate webpages that give shoppers a more user-friendly, convenient experience outside of the physical world of brick and mortar shops. So, naturally, with this increase in online traffic comes a competitive market for web development agencies. Regardless of whether you need to build a website from the ground up, tweak a few plugins in order to display an assortment of features or simply upgrade your design to include graphics with higher resolutions, there are seamless things that should be considered.

Cross-device compatibility

If you want to successfully operate an online business in contemporary society your website needs to be flawless and mobile-friendly in order to accommodate the many customers who are using their phones to shop. So, since there is nothing worse than a mobile display that isn’t functioning on various types of screens, it should be one of the top priorities of the business owner. After all, you want your customers to have a negative cross-device experience by not giving them ample opportunities to proceed to the checkout?

Good security

One of the most important features that your website can have is a secured interaction between the user and the webpage through the use of a two-factor authentication plugin, such as an SSL certificate. This process secures the customer’s login details, providing safeguarded fraud protection to those that input their credit card details. By ensuring that you have your buyer’s privacy protected, you’re able to build trust with your shoppers and better assert yourself as a seller with cutting-edge knowledge in the field. So, when you’re thinking of investing in your e-commerce platform, make sure that security makes the cut.

A built-in blogging setup

It’s very advantageous when business owners have a blog that’s built into their e-commerce platform because it gives them ample opportunities to create content for their customers. Building long-term, customer relationships can always be challenging, but when you offer fresh insight and optimize your SEO to create traction, you’re able to enhance your company’s advertising opportunities.  

There are no one-size-fits-all e-commerce platforms, so, when you’re on the hunt to revamp your web development and design strategies, be sure to explore your options and select a reputable company that aligns with your business model and goals.

What is your favorite e-commerce platform feature? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.  

Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

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