Have you considered these 3 web design trends?

Zen Cart web development

Zen Cart web development

It’s the nature of many developing businesses to constantly be evolving and growing, so, naturally, e-commerce is always paving way for new and improved developmental milestones. If you look back at web designs from 20 years ago, you’ll notice that the look of the page, as well as the client experience, has unfolded into something entirely new. Just as the architectural style of buildings has changed to reflect contemporary society, so must Zen Cart web development in order to keep up with times. Needless to say, e-commerce business owners must also keep up with the times by following the trends of the industry.

Gradients, bold typography and colour blocks

While many modern web designs blast consumers with an in-your-face approach, keeping up with the trends usually has the power to provide a more surreal experience for passing shoppers. That’s why the following fundamental design elements should be used within the emergence of your website.

  • Gradients: are a blend of two or more colours or simply just two of the same colour. They provide depth and dimension to your website layout.
  • Bold typography: refers to the style and appearance of the printed matter within a design. This can be the arrangement of the art, words or characters. Bold typography also has the ability to stylize your brand.
  • Colour blocks: are a striking contribution to any website, drawing the eyes of shoppers to a certain focal point on the page.

Unique, broken and asymmetrical layouts

While following grid guidelines is a safe way to ensure that your website has a good visual pathway, breaking the mold and intersecting horizontal and vertical lines is an amazing way to create an authentic layout. A unique design is a memorable design which is why your Zen Cart web development should rely on the modernized, sophisticated trends of the industry if you’re wanting to stay current as a business owner.

Custom illustrations and icons

A website that’s only filled with stock photography and plain illustrations is definitely not a conversation starter. So, why not try up your e-commerce game with some custom illustrations and icons? A great way for your brand to embrace the beauty of this trend is by contracting a designer to configure a few custom images for your website. Whether it be a new, revamped logo design, a generic icon for your categories or some full-scale illustrations, each image has the opportunity to help with your business’ branding.

Build your dream e-commerce website using the power of Zen Cart web development.

Which trend are you most keen on trying on your website? Tell us in the comment section below.

Alex Wilks is the Social Media & Content Creator for Trek Marketing. Her work has been featured on Global News, Black Press Media, andthe Kwantlen Chronicle

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