How to build an online store that customers will love

Zen Cart web development

Zen Cart web development

Shopping from the comforts of your home is one of the greatest feats of the 21st-century and while it’s convenient and innovative for the customers perusing through search engines, it can be challenging to keep up with the times if you’re an e-commerce business owner. With so many new Zen Cart web developments on the rise, keeping up to date on trends and industry must-haves can be tiresome and time-consuming. So, while there are plenty of opportunities to make a killing in e-commerce, there are also lots that can easily be overlooked when you’re trying to juggle all of the work yourself. So, if you want to build a store that’s flawless, leading customers to make follow-up purchases, then continue reading to learn how you can develop your site to keep them coming back for more. 

Mobile optimization matters

Online purchases that are made by the means of a smartphone are expected to rise to 53.9% by 2021, which means that mobile shoppers will be accounting for over half of e-commerce purchases. Although if that whooping statistic isn’t enough to have you feeling motivated, how about taking a look around and observing how many people in your vicinity have their eyes on a screen? It’s overwhelming to think that you could be missing out on the traffic that’s supplied through mobile shopping. So, get your website working on a small screen and start tapping into the search rankings of new e-commerce buyers.   

Numinix’s Zen Cart web development features a responsive conversion service that takes the stress out of mobile optimization. It’s about time for you moved onwards and upwards with your mobile sales! 

Keep your focus on security 

As we just mentioned, the number of mobile users is growing, which means that shoppers are rightfully worried about protecting their security. While it’s easy to input your personal or credit information into a website’s database, it’s hard to forget that your information is now stored and has the potential to become accessible for proficient internet hackers. That’s why if you’re looking to upgrade or build an e-commerce website from scratch, you’ll want to set aside a small budget to safely protect and secure your shopper’s details.

Numinix performs regular security audits for businesses on platforms such as Zen Cart and WooCommerce. The analysis reviews your root kit detection, checks the business PHP and SSL certifications for security breaches, discovers SQL errors and searches for other vulnerabilities within the website. 

Offer advanced payment and shipping options

Once a customer decides that they want to make a purchase their cares shift towards the seamless purchasing process and how quick their order will be received. So, in a world where mobile purchases are slowly becoming more desirable than brick and mortar purchases, your online store needs to possess the modern means of payment accessibility and shipping options. For example, Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as two-day shipping available on Amazon make ordering from big-box chains more preferable, however, if your e-commerce business upgrades its online features to make a stand against the competition, you then have an equal opportunity to receive the same steady business. 

What e-commerce upgrades are on your Zen Cart development to-do list? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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