What are a front end web developer’s worst fears?

zen cart web developer

zen cart web developer

The world of e-commerce programming is expanding as more professionals are emerging to the scene with full-stack skills. That being said, while the landscape of the tech industry is constantly changing, it doesn’t mean that Zen Cart web developers can’t choose a job that allows them to perfect what interests them most. That’s why some companies still encourage specialization! That being said, this blog will outline and discuss three of the most common frustrations that are experienced by techies who choose to major in front end web development.  

Forgetting to test the code

While it’s crucial for a front end web developer to remember to test their code, sometimes with tight deadlines looming, and multiple projects on the go, inexperienced programmers may forget to test out the code before their client’s website goes live. This is one of the ultimate rookie mistakes, as the importance of unit testing would have been emphasized during the schooling phase of their education. Moreover, each code should also be integrated and tested separately to avoid the stressful and time-consuming aftermath resulting from errors, crashes, and delays. 

Numinix’s Zen Cart web developers know that testing and debugging are two of the most essential aspects of coding, and since this key component is required to know if a website or app is functioning accordingly, they take the time to ensure that the layout looks aesthetically pleasing and is responsive. Front end web developers at Numinix also possess diverse specialties and experience with crafting more complex, multiple functioning e-commerce websites.

Limited knowledge of tools

While this is more or less a problem faced by junior developers, it’s scary to be placed in the responsibility for a large-scale project without the knowledge or the development tools to get the job done right. That’s why a lot of long-standing development companies, such as Numinix’s team of specialized, ZenCart web developers, are required to learn additional skills so that they can ensure each project is completed competently and in the timeframe that was quoted to the clients. So, the best way to avoid this horrifying circumstance is to get your experience in and to never limit yourself to the overused, basic tools and techniques! 

Dealing with an unresponsive layout 

One of the best ways an e-commerce business can attract new customers and increase their sales is by investing in a website design that awes passersby. That being said, an unresponsive website layout does the exact opposite — leads shoppers to believe a certain way about the level of professionalism they can expect from the company. That’s why front end developers need to understand this connection to web engagement and make it their mission to create something that draws in traffic. 

At Numinix, our front end Zen Cart web developers, while very experienced with this particular platform, are also incredibly knowledgeable with other platforms and their functionalities. This is part of the reason that our clients don’t need to worry about dealing with the frustrating nature of unresponsive layouts. 

If you’re a web developer, share some of your other frustrations in the field! Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 



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    A front end web developer's worst fears