Why do our web developers love working with WordPress?

Many years ago, WordPress was primarily a tool that was used to create and manage a blog, however, now it’s a very powerful CMS that’s often organized to create a functional, business website. The best part is that aside from selecting your theme and layout design, you’re also able to integrate e-commerce necessities, such as online shopping carts, payment modules and an assortment of other must-have, versatile plugins with valuable, unique functionalities. So, because many entrepreneurs are still living in the past, we decided to ask our Zen Cart web developers why they love working with WordPress and to name a few of its benefits.

There’s top-notch security 

Zen Cart web developers are used to installing security features, such as SSL certificates — used to authenticate the connection between the server and visitor — for online business owners, however, WordPress already comes jam-packed with an optimal level of security. As long as your development team keeps the core application up to date, then you can rest assured that all passwords or account credentials will remain protected. 

Easy, customizable features 

Zen Cart web developers, who also specialize in other e-commerce platforms, love working with WordPress because its features are easily modifiable, meaning that they can spend more time personalizing the site rather than sorting through repetitive complications. When making changes, the code is visually available, making added enhancements to the framework and functionality issueless and convenient. Plus, then programmers will have more time to answer questions and play around with the augmentation rather than spending less time stuck on some bugs in the code. 

There’s an ability to grow

Many first-time business owners start off using WordPress hosting simply because it’s free, although what they don’t realize is that as they grow in size, the platform can offer plans that allow users to fluctuate their scalability based on their influx in traffic. Thus, upgrading keeps the website from crashing due to high volume shoppers and it also gives them an option to remain with WordPress. 

It has added levels of speed 

Shoppers today can’t be bothered to browse a website that has slow load times, which is why your e-commerce store needs to be both quick and efficient. Since speed is one of the most important development features an e-commerce website can offer, and slow and fidgety are hastily forgotten, be a forward-thinking company that’s ready to invest in speed optimization services.  

Are there any other advantages of using WordPress as your company’s hosting site? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

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    Why Web Developers Love Wordpress