‘Tis the season to boost your e-commerce sales

professional web design

professional web design

The holidays are right around the corner and if you haven’t already prepared your website to entice seasonal shoppers, you’re quickly running out of time! While it’s important to focus your efforts on orchestrating an effective marketing strategy and stocking up your products, it’s also beneficial for you to build on the foundations of your e-commerce site by investing in some small design and development changes that’ll help with the flow of shoppers. So, if you’re hoping to boost your e-commerce sales projections, continue reading to learn more about holiday e-commerce strategy. 

Position your brand 

While there’s never a bad time to start positioning your brand as an industry leader, November is one of the best months to show your customers your true colours. Whether you use it as an opportunity to cater to all the celebratory events — American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa — or you simply show your holiday spirit by having a professional web designer customize your homepage and banners to feature something festive, it’s an advantageous time to be holly jolly with your graphics and prices! 

Invest in a more responsive website 

A responsive website is exactly what it sounds like, a webpage that allows shoppers the flexibility to browse from a variety of devices, easily clicking from page-to-page, So, now that you’ve got stellar holiday-themed graphics to compliment your professional web design, why not also make sure that your customers are able to carry out their purchases, regardless of screen size? If your e-commerce site can easily be navigated without the overwhelming need to resize, pan, or scroll as each page loads, then your shopping experience will be heightened and customers will have more incentive to buy and browse through your products. So, why not make shopping as simplistic as a Sunday morning by ensuring that your web design renders well on desktops, mobile phones and more? And ‘tis the season for busy web development companies, so, you better hurry and get your request in to ensure a prompt mobile optimization installation

Promote user engagement 

While this suggestion kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above pointers, it stands alone simply because your customers are your bread and butter and keeping them happy keeps you in business. One of the best ways you can increase engagement is by installing a few holiday-themed buttons to coordinate with your professional web design. This will incite some curiosity in those visiting and hopefully encourage them to explore other products and pages on your site. 

Boost your page speed

There are some technical ways that you can boost the speed of your e-commerce site — minify CSS, JavaScript, HTML, caching the browser and compressing image files — however, if you hope to keep the attention of consumers as your pages load, it might be worth refining your content. After all, slow loading pages tend to encourage customers to abandon their carts and that is not beneficial to your sales during the holidays. 

Are you convinced that your e-commerce store needs a seasonal revamp? Then get in touch with Numinix by dropping us a message.

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