Common mistakes across mobile e-commerce sites

Zen Cart web development

Zen Cart web development

The world of e-commerce heavily relies on mobile technology to sell products and services online which means that you should invest in easy-to-navigate development. After all, your customers deserve to browse freely on their smartphones and have access to all the information they need wherever they go. So, to keep your potential shoppers interested, avoid making the following e-commerce mistakes. 

No review option for shoppers 

Customer reviews can make or break an e-commerce business, especially because word-of-mouth, alongside digital marketing, is the best way to grow as a business. In fact, reviews are part of small and even large business maintenance. By allowing your mobile shoppers to leave reviews based on their experience or purchase, you’re creating a positive environment to attract more consumerism. Also, by not offering a product review once, not only will potential customers shake their heads at the missed opportunity, but they may also be hesitant to follow through with purchasing that said item. So, whether your e-commerce site requires Zen Cart web development or you’re reliant on another platform, Numinix will seamlessly set up some code that will display a section to review your products and services

Not having a responsive design 

It’s no secret that many people rely on the wide web for their shopping needs, and while having a computer is helpful, most browsing and purchasing is carried out through mobile devices. So, since you’re an efficient e-commerce business owner, it would be a grand mistake to have a webpage that didn’t possess a responsive design. Harmonious page-to-page accessibility and website interactivity will lead to favored orders rather than abandoned carts, so it’s always best to invest in development that will enable your e-commerce site to become mobile-friendly. 

Lack of content

Whether your e-commerce storefront has a well versed, researched blog or large descriptive fields for shoppers with burning questions to rely on, content is an important addition to any website. Driving traffic, increasing engagement, and building your subscriber list are just a few core elements that grow when your webpage possesses added content. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to spread the word about your business.  

A lengthy checkout process 

A short, seamless checkout process is a key component to growing your customer basis. After all, you want to lock in your customer’s interest and having an e-commerce site that makes them fill out pages upon pages of information will only make them impatient. Online shopping is supposed to give you more time in your day, so utilize the power of Zen Cart web development to simplify and streamline your business’s checkout process and watch your revenue skyrocket over time.   

Can you think of any other common mobile e-commerce mistakes? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

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