4 ways to build trust with e-commerce consumers

Keeping your customers satisfied is a compulsory business strategy that can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. So, as an e-commerce business owner who understands how important the role of “trust” translates to converting first-time shoppers into long-time, paying customers, it’s essential to explore the dos of building customer trust online. Thus, if you want consumers to complete the checkout process, you’ll need to do your due diligence in making them feel you’re a credible contributor in your industry. 

Having an “About Us” page

One of the first things shoppers will do when they’re looking for a reputable company to purchase a specific service or product from will be to peruse the website for an “About Us” section. Finding a brand that aligns with their values generally determines whether they will proceed with placing an order, so it’s easy to see how building customer trust online starts with writing a visionary “About Us” page. 

What should be included in your “About Us” section of your e-commerce site?

  • Your brand’s backstory. How did you get off the ground running? Where did you first find inspiration for your product or service? How do you personally incorporate that said product or service in your day-to-day life?
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Your company’s credentials, certificates, and awards. 
  • Provide a mission statement that highlights your core values and goals. 
  • What is the location of your physical office and do you possess a brick and mortar store? 
  • What is your contact email or phone number? 
  • Include an image of your team!

Possessing a defined return policy

The thing about online shopping is it’s convenient, but it’s only beneficial to shop around online if there’s a great return policy for items that may not fit well or simply products that don’t turn out as expected. That’s why as an e-commerce business owner you will really need to take the time to craft a defined company return policy if you’re building customer trust online. Returning items should be easy which means that your policy should also touch on wrong or late deliveries and item deficiencies. 

Those hoping to build that sense of trust with new or prospecting customers should aim to do the following:

  • Ensure that product stocks are up to date to avoid processing orders on items that you currently don’t have. 
  • Stipulate appropriate delivery dates to ensure good reviews from people who place orders and receive their items in a timely manner. 
  • Offer full money back or replacement guarantee if the item enclosed is different than what was advertised on your website. 
  • Offer a refund or free delivery option for items that do not meet their delivery time stipulations. 
  • Highlight a satisfaction guarantee that will offer a refund or store-credit to the consumer if they’re unhappy with the quality of their purchase. 

Providing prompt customer service 

Whether you choose to communicate with your clientele through email, social media, live chat, telephone support or by way of helpfully written content, it’s important to be prompt in answering questions and dealing with customer concerns. Also, it’s essential to include as many of the above support channels so that you’re offering many options for your shoppers. Especially since your product or service may appeal to a spanned generational range. That being said, if you’re too busy handling other fundamental tasks, we recommend hiring someone as your company grows who’s just in-charge of customer relations. 

Keeping all promises made to your consumers 

In the world of e-commerce, it’s better to over-deliver rather than under-deliver which is why you must make it one of your utmost priorities to keeping all of your consumer promises. Whether this includes delivery promises, product quality, refund policies, warranty guarantees, bonus inclusions or discounts, ensure that you always follow through on your customer promises. After all, fulfilling promises is the most strategic way of building customer trust online. 

Drop your expertise below if you’re a business owner who has tips to understand building customer trust online.

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