3 elements that have contributed to modern web development

website development

website development

Contemporary web development has undergone significant changes in a matter of years with evolving skillsets, tools and mindsets among those who work within the industry. Needless to say, this phrase simply refers to technological advancements that better organize the online world. So, whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into a potential career pool or you’re a business owner who’s looking for e-commerce insights, find out how these three website development elements have contributed to the modernity of the industry. 

Mobile advancement and the rise of the web

The growth of smartphone technology has boosted internet use in the past decade, and naturally, this upward trend has contributed to the rise of e-commerce and website development. While mobile advancements have greatly prospered to keep up with the times, the world of website development is constantly forced to adjust to high mobile usage by initiating a mobile-first, responsive web design to allow shoppers to easily navigate on their devices. While desktop customers are equally as important, more purchases are now made through smartphone perusing, which means that these users are expecting a rich, fast web experience that closely mimics the behaviours of their physical computers. So, it’s safe to say that because of mobile shopping, web developers have shifted to mobile optimization specializations to help businesses monetize on growing shopping trends. 

Data intense user experiences

Do you remember the dog-gone days of scrolling through your Facebook feeds without racking up your data usage? Well, those days are gone and internet users are requiring more and more data. To keep up with the demands, web developers are becoming more skilled at creating lightweight apps to combat data-intensive online experiences, which means that many web app updates are headed in this direction.

Full-stack website development

A few years ago, programmers had more of a choice to specialize and stick to either front-end or back-end web development, but this trend has shifted with the technologies, and most coders are ensuring that they are equipped with full-stack development skills post-graduation. Whether this is their way of standing out to future employers or simply something that interests them, website developers are working to better handle and understand projects on all databases, servers, and online engineering systems. 

In your opinion, what other website developments are on the rise? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 


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