Which development roadmap is suited to your e-commerce business?

What if we told you that you could easily create, share, and upgrade your business with the appropriate roadmap in place? With Numinix’s great rates and expert knowledge and advice, you’ll be able to determine which course of action is needed to improve the conversion projections of your online business. The best part is that our dedicated Zen Cart web developers are ready to get started right away! 

Numinix’s Start-Up Service Plan

If you’re a business owner who’s just starting to build the foundations of your online transactions, you should start from the ground up by purchasing a more basic service plan. Whether you’re wanting to create a site from scratch or revamp your current website, if you’re on track to convert $3k to $6k monthly, this is the plan for you. Most often used for Zen Cart’s web development platform, this $337/monthly plan package includes four hours of service (technical support, content writing, etc.), an $89.30 hourly rate for any projects that exceed the monthly accrual, and a 6% store discount on development plugins and design features


Numinix’s Professional Service Plan 

If you’re lucky enough to be considering stepping up your business game then you’ll want the features acquired in the intermediate service plan. After all, climbing the ladder of entrepreneurship is no easy task, and those who become successful will need a team of dedicated Zen Cart web developers to support and maintain the workability of their e-commerce website.  

Businesses converting $2k to $20k can best benefit from the Professional Plan, which functions as a personal keeper to ensure that upgrades and changes are promptly acted upon. For only $650 per month, you will have 8 hours dedicated to your website (with the option to pay $82.65 per hour hereinafter) with an expert level of support! Also offering clients a generous 13% off storewide discount on future services, specialists will tend to your plugin updates, while devoting time to work on code cleaning, link repairs, and debugging. This investment is bound to put you on track to increasing your conversions in no time! 


Numinix’s Corporate Plan 

More established retailers that are seeking a change in their web management should consider the advanced adaptability of this popular service plan. Professionalism and excellence can possess a budget-friendly price tag and if your business makes $20k to $50k monthly, 16 hours of elite services, technical support, proactive maintenance, and responsive programming will be the perfect amount to settle for!

The Corporate Plan raises the bar once again with a competitive $76 per hour rate and a gracious 20% storewide discount to put towards future design and development projects. With more in-depth features including, SEO analysis and support, site integrity checks, and speed optimization, the $1,200 monthly fee will pay for itself rather quickly.


Numinix’s Enterprise Plan 

While few businesses are at the enterprise level, some e-commerce exceptions may be looking for a new agency to take over their future projects, and with competitive industry prices ($2200 per month), Numinix’s popular Enterprise Plan has the potential to tick all the must-have boxes to complete your revamp approach. 

This huge-scale business model is fitted for large companies that are regularly bringing in more than $50k in monthly revenue, and since your company is already branded in your niche market, this plan is designed to offer the highest level of customer service and web development performance. With 32 monthly hours, a huge 26.67% storewide discount, and our cheapest hourly rates ($69.66/h), this pivotal plan is the golden ticket to custom programming and response web technology.  


Which development roadmap is best suited for your e-commerce venture? Drop a comment below to give us an idea of where you’re at!

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