10 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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Every developer has a weapon of choice. Whether you’re looking to make your workflow much more efficient and seamless or even learn the new stuff you can apply to your future projects, it’s always a win-win situation to take advantage of these tools. We know that most web developers use Chrome as their primary browser, and it makes sense as they offer quite a variety of sophisticated tools called Chrome Extensions.

The purpose of these extensions is to make your lives easier and make you more efficient and faster, therefore saving your precious time for the nitty-gritty side of developing. We’ve compiled a collection of the Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers here, so stick around!


Even the slightest detail matters when developing projects, and elements such as fonts are a big deal in your design outcome. Let’s say you have a specific font type in mind that you found on a website you like, and you wanted to use the same for your site. You would have to scroll through hundreds of font types back then to find what they use. Now, using a chrome extension called WhatFont, you could efficiently identify fonts, size, color, height on any web page in a matter of seconds! The mechanism of using it is a piece of cake. Simply hover your mouse to your desired font style, and there you have it, all the details you need to replicate the same style for your developing projects!

sessionbuddy chrome extension

Session Buddy

Unlimited Tabs is a nightmare for most web developers, not only because it’s painful on the eyes, but it also slows down their work efficiency. While working on your daily tasks on a specific project, it’s easy to find yourself having more than ten tabs opened simultaneously. This is where SessionBuddy comes in handy. Not only does it help in arranging your tabs and helping you organize your workflow, but it also saves you some time by allowing you to save templates of tab collections for future use. After a crash, it even helps you recover your open tabs, a total life-saver for web developers. 


Most people think that web developers only focus on the coding side of the work, but little did they know that the job also includes a ton of research. Not in a traditional research paper, but profiling and researching other websites, methods, and strategies to implement in their projects. That is why most of the chrome extensions useful for developers are inspection tools that unveil helpful information. Wappalyzer is an extension used to identify web technologies of a particular website such as programming language, analytics, payment processors, CRM, and much other beneficial information that you could leverage and use on your projects.


It’s understandable that you only use Chrome as many advantages and tools can help you in your daily tasks on this browser as a web developer. However, you have to consider many other browsers such as Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, and more when developing a website. BrowserStack is a helpful tool to test your website layout’s responsiveness through many different browsers. Browsers constantly update their systems, and this extension allows you to see issues and problems that may occur on some of them and fix them immediately. BrowserStack is a game-changer in the development process and is a must-use for web developers out there!

Lorem Ipsum

Web Development requires many tests, and one of the handiest extensions used is the tool called Lorem Ipsum. It is a simple, easy-to-use text generator to assess whether your layout has issues during the development process. Each sentence generated is randomly to emulate actual text, saving developers a lot of precious time. You have the option to customize the generated text through the number of paragraphs and sentences per paragraph.

ghostery privacy ad blocker


Web developers are all about workflow and efficiency, and this is why most of the popularly used chrome extensions capitalize on making their work as smooth as possible. In that case, allow us to introduce a powerful extension for privacy called Ghostery. This extension lets you block ads, trackers, and other snippets affecting your work speed. It aims to protect your privacy, speed up your browsing, and even enables you to customize your display to have a coherent system for optimal efficiency. If you’re all about creating a seamless process, don’t forget to add Ghostery to your arsenal.


Another widely used chrome extension for web developers, especially for web design, is WireFramify. Developing a website from scratch could be intimidating, yet this extension allows you to see any web page’s structure through wireframe overlay. Breaking down elements is a helpful way to know how specific web pages are structured, allowing you to re-create some of the methods used in your projects. Novice to even advanced developers would benefit from the WireFramify extension, and it truly deserves to be on this list. 

CSS Viewer

If we’re talking about mainly used developer tools, the CSS Viewer shouldn’t be left out in the conversation. This extension is pretty straightforward as its name states; developers widely use it to inspect and view the CSS property of elements on any web page. A panel of valuable information will pop up on the screen by simply hovering your mouse to a particular element, allowing you to leverage this on your projects. Web Developers use this extension to assess other sites’ properties and quickly make appropriate adjustments for their developing projects. 



Another straightforward yet crucial for web developers, especially for web designers, is the chrome extension called WindowResizer. As technological devices advance, websites need to adapt to changes as well. One of the most standard adjustments is to create web pages that are compatible with varying screen sizes. With WindowResizer, you could quickly test your layouts on different resolutions to ensure that web users will get the most out of your design layouts for the best user experience. news


While you are too busy creating beautifully crafted websites, a web developer must always have the will to learn new things each day and stay updated on recent development tricks to apply for future projects. That is why we’ve included the DailyDev in this list as beneficial chrome extensions for web developers. It is a chrome extension that keeps you updated on the latest programming news and connects you to a community of developers. Staying updated is the name of the game, and you must leverage new information to upskill yourself even further.


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