How to significantly boost your website’s conversion rates

  Persuading someone to follow through on a purchase can be a difficult task, especially with all the industry competition. No matter what kind of business you’re running, everyone needs a little direction when they’re striving to set goals and timelines. That being said, as an e-commerce business owner on the hunt to achieve your…

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How to overcome domain availability issues

url availability

The world as we know it revolves around the internet which easily features over a billion websites. This is fine and dandy for e-commerce shoppers who’re searching and comparing competitive product prices, however, retailers looking to launch their business websites may struggle to find strong domain names that haven’t already been used. So, here are…

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Learn the basics of colour theory

e-commerce web design

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career as an e-commerce web designer or you’re simply intrigued by acquiring new knowledge in the arts, it’s worth developing a basic understanding in colour theory. Just like crafting your outfit for the day, a website should also look aesthetically pleasing and follow appropriate colour combinations. While you can…

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Why do people use Zen Cart over other e-commerce platforms?

zen cart web development

Developing an e-commerce website comes with a lot of business decisions — deciding on your domain name, cultivating a brand theme and finding a professional programmer to do all the work. Although, from our experience, selecting an e-commerce and website hosting platform, to integrate innovative plugins and handle the payment processing, will probably prove to…

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What is the role of PHP in web development?

zen cart web developers

Modern companies need contemporary business strategies when they’re revamping their digital presence, so while social media is a great way to attract attention to your brand, you won’t be able to establish trust without a professionally coded website. More e-commerce businesses than ever before are contracting out their development to specialized Zen Cart web developers…

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