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Why is mobile optimization one of the most important e-commerce investments?

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the top choice for online shopping, with the importance of this purchasing method weighing heavily on mobile optimization. In an ever-changing economic landscape, one must adjust to current trends, leaving business owners and web development companies to make the transition to a world where websites are starting to cater more…

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How has 2021 shifted previous web development trends?

Each year holds new prospects for web development, with changing trends dictating a variety of directions for business owners and the professional developers who manage their websites. Nevertheless, while technologies such as Progressive Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Application Programming Interface are evolving the way the consumer conducts purchases online, you must keep up with…

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What e-commerce preparations should you take advantage of before the holiday season approaches?

While the holiday season may be right around the corner for consumers, e-commerce business owners are in the midst of their busiest time of year. As if regular preparations weren’t enough, online sales have taken a huge jump since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and if your website isn’t ready for an increase in…

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How to upgrade your website to lure in millennials

Millennial shoppers are slowly becoming the largest demographic which means that it’s more important than ever before for e-commerce brands and businesses to future-proof their online stores to appeal to the demands of this generational cohort. So, since technologies are rapidly changing and the web development industry is relative to maintaining a successful online business,…

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3 ways that you can reduce shopping cart abandonment

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If you want to increase conversions on your e-commerce website, you’ll want to take a behind the scenes look at the user experience you provide to your visitors. While it can sometimes be difficult to coax shoppers to proceed to the checkout page, there’s a whole different set of complications to consider that may be…

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