Zen Cart UTF-8 Conversion

Zen Cart UTF-8 Conversion

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UTF-8 has become the dominant character encoding for the world wide web. It is a popular encoding form which unifies coding standards by being able to handle every single character in existence, and it can be extended when more characters are standardized. The conversion will also provide broader support for customer names and addresses, which is especially important for stores that offer their products internationally.

Designed for backward compatibility with ASCII and to avoid complications like spacing for US and European users, UTF-8 transforms all Unicode characters into a variable length byte sequence, encoding each of the 1,112,064 code points in the Unicode character set using one to four 8-bit bytes.

Modifying your existing content or attempting to create new HTTP headers often creates validation or encoding problems for website users that don't have UTF-8. If this is your experience or the experience of your users, it is time to make sure your new data doesn't get crunched by you or your end users.

Resolve problems with your website's ability to handle every character in existence due to spacing, content, validation, or encoding issues. Convert your site to utilize UTF-8 for a better web site handling experience for both you and your customers.


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Service Policy

Our stated prices for all modules we install are based on installation into the default platform configuration. We always ensure your logo and basic color palette are in place when we install a plugin. However, any additional "custom" styling, design work, or derivitive tasks generated due to a site's non-default configuration could require additional prepaid programming hours.

This plugin is open source and requires ionCube Loader v4.4 or later to be compiled with PHP in order to install and upgrade the plugin. All orders are automatically subscribed to the billing frequency selected at the time of purchase. Recurring billing can be cancelled at any time. Once your license has expired, a new license will be required in order to continue using the plugin.

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