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    I was first introduced to Numinix when I first started my online business at Jeff Lew and his team helped me grow my business in no time at all. Since then, I have continued to use the services provided by Numinix for approximately six years now, and my business continues to grow. SEO improvement as well as a recent website refresh/redesign were important parts of this continuing growth process. And when it comes to their service, all I can say is that on many occasions when I needed their service, I received feedback within a matter of minutes, and a resolution in a very short time. For service that is close to 24/7, you cannot beat their fair rates. At this point I would consider Numinix not just a service provider, but an important business partner.

    We contracted Numinix to build and design our website and we are extremely satisfied with the final product! Their professional, timely and detail-oriented approach really helped us put together a web-site that reflected our company's brand and vision.

    Communicating with all departments of the Numinix team was a seamless experience and they were able to produce exactly what we asked of them with remarkable precision, even when we thought we weren't quite sure ourselves. The designers at Numinix were both creative and forward thinking when working with our management team as the tips and suggestions they provided regarding the planning and design of our site has both enhanced the user experience and decreased the time and cost our team will have to spend managing site content on an ongoing basis.

    We are extremely satisfied with the work that has been done for us — thank you Numinix!


    After all the work over the past 6 months we are very pleased with the functionality and design of our updated and revised website and the e-commerce component. Jeff, your leadership and responsiveness has played an important role in the extraordinary improvements seen in our system. I am happy to serve as a testimonial for your Numinix business.

    Our business is located in China. Since 2010 we had been looking for a qualified designer in China. A lot of money was invested but none of the work could meet our expectations, since we have a high quality standards compared to most Chinese companies.

    Luckily we have found Numinix! I started communication with Rob Wilkerson in September 2012 with a video chat. During that conference he required all the information about my business before starting our project, which proved that they care about my needs, and ensured we were working in the same direction together.

    Nicole Lew, who is in charge of graphic design, produced remarkable work! She has amazing skill in using colors, so I had her design the banners as well. I especially appreciate the help I received from Jeff Lew, owner of Numinix, who always responded to my questions in a rapid manner. I would also like to thank the guys who worked “behind the scenes” with the coding. They have an impressive ability to make my thoughts become reality.

    My site went live in the middle of February 2013. We immediately noticed that customers were willing to spend more time on the site than ever before, which is a good sign of great success for 2013! We are very proud to have Numinix as partner, whom we’ve already told that this is just the beginning of our cooperation. Their maintenance subscription plans are our next step. Thank you again!


    When I embarked on my journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur, I had no idea how to build a reliable and attractive online store. A friend recommended that I use Jeff and his team to help me build a site.

    I am so happy that I listened and contracted Numinix. The Numinix team helped me throughout the process of creating an online store from scratch: develop a concept, create a message, design a logo and then execute the plan. I learned a lot during this process and Numinix saved me from making a lot of mistakes and aggravation, and guided me to the right third party resources that are essential to be successful.

    I recommend Numinix to anyone looking to build a successful online store. They may not be the cheapest resource you can find, but they were well worth every dollar I invested. Thank you Jeff and the Numinix Team.

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