4 steps to build your e-commerce website globally

Online shopping concept man selecting shopping cart

With e-commerce becoming increasingly popular as a sales outlet, opportunities to sell products on a global scale are also increasing, particularly in North America, with e-commerce sales expected to reach $423.34 billion in 2016, a rise of 15.6%. However, launching overseas is not easy. We will outline some of the main steps involved to launch […]

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What does Google’s Mobile-first Index mean for E-commerce Businesses?


If you’re not using your smartphone to shop online, or at least browse, then you’re part of the minority. According to data from Google, four out of five smartphone owners used their phone to shop in 2015. Google has something called an experimental index – which is all the information pulled together from highly popular […]

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What does Artificial Intelligence mean for future of ecommerce?


With millions of consumers now choosing the ease-of-use and accessibility of the ecommerce experience over in store shopping, ecommerce stores are becoming increasingly popular. With this popularity comes a need to stand out from other ecommerce stores, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the key. Much has been said about the implications of AI, particularly […]

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