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Always Riding

Website Design, Programming, Speed Optimization

Always Riding is a popular retailer of cycling products and apparel based in the United Kingdom. We have worked with Always Riding since 2010 to help improve their website speed while maintaining the eye catching effects that their website is known for. We've also designed the header, sidebar, category dropdowns, and developed widgets such as the product carousels on the home page and the login pop-up box found site wide.


web design, programming, SEO, usability

Homage is a manufacturer and retailer of college clothing made in Columbus, Ohio. Numinix provides ongoing web development services to improve the usability of the front and back ends of the website. AJAX is used on the front-end wherever possible and degrades nicely on browsers that do not support JavaScript or when JavaScript is disabled. This website may look simple, however there is extensive JavaScript and back-end programming to provide a smooth customer experience.

Flooring Supply Shop

web design, programming, SEO, usability

Flooring Supply Shop is a retailer of flooring supplies directed to consumers and contractors. Numinix fully developed the website and continues to make on-going improvements to the website for better usability and higher conversion rates based on data collected through Google Analytics. Testimonials and reviews have been given special attention on this website to boost customer confidence and increase conversions.

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