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I Love Ecigs
I Love Ecigs

I Love Ecigs

I Love Ecigs is an online retailer of electronic cigarettes and cigars based in the USA. Numinix designed the website and branding as well as developed the programming, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that went into this beautiful and simple website. Packed with lots of features, the design promotes easy shopping for customers.

In 2015, we completed a responsive redesign for the website which allows it to dynamically change to use optimal styling for different sized viewports (i.e. mobile, tablets, desktops).

When I embarked on my journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur, I had no idea how to build a reliable and attractive online store. A friend recommended that I use Jeff and his team to help me build a site.

I am so happy that I listened and contracted Numinix. The Numinix team helped me throughout the process of creating an online store from scratch: develop a concept, create a message, design a logo and then execute the plan. I learned a lot during this process and Numinix saved me from making a lot of mistakes and aggravation, and guided me to the right third party resources that are essential to be successful.

I recommend Numinix to anyone looking to build a successful online store. They may not be the cheapest resource you can find, but they were well worth every dollar I invested. Thank you Jeff and the Numinix Team.

—David Marmour, ILoveEcigs.com

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